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Backpack Cooler 48 hour Ice Test

backpack cooler ice tailgate

The weather has been unbelievably great the last 6-8 weeks here in Chicago. We received our latest prototype of the backpack cooler. In this go-around we solved the liner concern with a really durable 420D double TPU coated liner - this thing can withstand a lot of punishment. Our concern was to solve the issue with beer caps from glass bottles tearing the liner. Pretty much all the liners for other backpack coolers are a silver PVC liner that is weak and tears easily plus as cheap as paper. Avoid those types of coolers -  they will leak, sweat and tear.  The Kelvin Coolers premium backpack cooler will not tear, leak or sweat

I decided to do an ice test the other day when the weather was 72 degrees and sunny. I bought a infrared thermometer to measure the temp of the bag and measure the temp inside the bag.  Bear in mind that this is not the most scientific test but the best way I could come up with. 

It was noon on a Wednesday and the outside temperature of the backpack cooler was 104 degrees. I took a second shot of the inside of the bag  and the ice was 37. Kinda thought it would be 32 but whatever.

Backpack cooler ice test

I left the backpack cooler out in direct sunlight and overnight for 48 hours. Below is after 48 hours and there was water but that is to be expected however I was really impressed that one the backpack cooler didn't leak or sweat and to top it off it still had a considerable amount of ice. I mean let's be realistic here, if you are heading to a tailgate or picnic and think it would be a rare occurrence someone would need to keep their beverages over 48hours. Still pretty impressive!  

backpack cooler ice test

This was our final test. We added some chest straps and waist straps - yes they tuck inside the bag when not in use. The waist strap will be key for people with a smaller frame (under 5'6") as it will take the weight off the shoulders quite a bit. 

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