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We offer our backpacks at special pricing of only $600 (6 bags) for group ordering. You can order custom backpacks for special occasions—whether it be bachelor/bachelorette parties, wedding parties, corporate events, or teams, our backpacks are flexible for any occasion. Minimum order of 6, with top pocket embroidery included. +$75 for additional center pocket embroidery.

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With comfortable padded shoulder straps and careful attention to waist and chest straps, you'll have ultimate comfort and portability. High-density insulation material combined with food-grade liner keeps food and drinks cold for 24+ hours wherever you go. With leak-resistant, durable fabric, this backpack is perfect for tailgating, picnics, road trips, beach hangs, hiking, and more.

24-can cooler compartment
2 side pockets
2 large zipper pockets
1 zipper pouch
1 interior mesh pocket
1 Key Strap

19" L x 14" W x 7" H
1.51 lbs. / 500g
28 Liters
Holds up to 50lbs. of weight




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